Fallen Kingdom
Fallen Kingdom




February 1st, 2013

Episodes (Planned):



Life in the Nether

Fallen Kingdom, a series made by Toon and by CaptainSparklez Minecraft parody hit song also named Fallen Kingdom. THIS HAS BEEN CANCELLED TEMPORARILY. THE AUTHOR WILL DECIDE IF TO CONTINUE. KEEP CHECKING BACK FOR UPDATES.


Once lived a King, in a faraway land. He had a wife and he deeply enjoyed slaying the creatures of the night. But little did he know about a new evil that would strike every time the clock hits twelve, and grief his entire Kingdom. Can the King keep his city together and fight off this new threat.

Episodes-Season 1Edit

Episode # Summary
The Crowned Jewels (PILOT) 1 Viewers learn the secrets behind this King's crown.
Creepers away! 2 The Kingdom suffers a large amount of gunpowder attacks from snake-like creatures called Creepers. How will the King stop the Creepers in time before they blow all his citizens to pieces?
Gods don't bleed 3 A master assassin is lurking through an ancient castle to recover an ancient power to what he calls his. But first, he has to go through some other creatures that don't exactly agree with his plot.
God vs. Demon 4 In a continuation to episode 3, the assassin discovers he's messing with the wrong sort of curse...
Noah's Ark Of Evil 5 The animals start acting up, and begin to attack villiagers. What's going on? Only the King can find out.
The Prince 6 After the King receives a deadly attack, and is getting better in bed, the Prince volunteers to watch out for any mobs that might attack the kingdom. He soon discovers watching out for a evil infested city is more work than it's put out to be....