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Author: ThaChompyLeader

Book One
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It was a dark and stormy night. Many animals were losing their homes. Terrified moos and chirps echoed through the forest. Fire was scattered across the ground, burning up the grass.

But it wasn't just the animals that were fleeing. There was also a herd of...

Lightning cracked brightly in the sky, followed by an ear-piercing boom. The animals only grew louder. The bolt had struck a tree. Toppling over with a loud groan, the massive oak crashed into the grass, scattering leaves and broken twigs everywhere. A cow nearby had fallen with the tree, shrieking loudly as it struggled to escape.

Monsters were fleeing among the animals, seeking for cover. A baby creeper scurried along with her mother, eyes wide as they passed the trapped cow. Lightning continued to flash threateningly in the sky. Cowering, she wimpered helplessly at the animals.

The mother was equally scared. This was her only child, and the father was attacked by the humans and never returned. If they didn't escape the storm, they wouldn't make it.

A passing spider jockey stopped at the sight of the mother.

"Jump on!" He yelled out to them.

"But-" The mother called back.

"Just do it!"

The mother and the child quickly scrambled onto the back of the spider. With a hiss, the spider sprinted quickly, dodging fallen trees and rocks. The farther they went, the less trees they saw. Her heart pounding, the child held on tightly, trying not to look up at the sky.

Eventually they stopped at a small clearing. There, standing in the middle, was a human fighting off a Lightning Creeper.

"Stay near me," The skeleton whispered as he jumped off the back of the spider. He crept on hands and knees in a circle around the clearing. The mother and the child followed closely behind him. Standing up, he pulled back an arrow and took careful aim.

Letting go, the arrow whizzed by an inch from the human with a loud twang. Muttering, he grabbed another just as the human turned around. The next arrow flew above his head, nearly striking the Lightning Creeper. The human grabbed a diamond sword and stood his ground, looking at the skeleton right in the eye.

The mother stepped to the side of the skeleton and hissed. The child remained silent, afraid that the human would aim for her.

"A baby and a mother? How touching," the human sneered. He took baby steps towards the three.

"Touch her, and you're history," The mother growled angrily. The skeleton pulled back the arrow further, accompanied by his spider. The human ignored her and burst into a run.

He let go of the arrow, which tore through the shirt of the human harmlessly. The spider leaped, the mother hissed, and the skeleton charged. The Lightning Creeper stalked up to the child.

"Come with me!" He yelped. Guiding the young creeper away from the fight, they watched from a tall hill as the battle unfolded.

The spider already was fleeing for the forest, and the skeleton was firing arrow after arrow, but all missed. The mother was backing away slowly as the human trapped her in a corner. He lifted his heavy sword in the air, prepairing to strike.

"No, Mama!" The baby shrieked. The child tumbled down the hill and leaped at the human's face. Staggering backwards, he dropped his sword and flung his hands around to try to get her off. The mother fled, accompanied by the Lightning Creeper. The skeleton, surprised at the child's move, aimed a set of arrow carefully.

Shooting them all at once, the arrows each pierced a fraction of the human's clothing, however leaving him without a scratch. The arrows flung him to the side of the hill, leaving him unable to escape. The child jumped at the last second and landed with a thud.

Scurrying away with the skeleton, they dashed back into the forest, which was now almost destroyed. The mother, the spider, and the Lightning Creeper were all waiting for them as the storm eased slowly.

"My baby!" The mother yelped, running towards her daughter. Checking her all over to make sure she was ok, the skeleton and the Lightning Creeper shook hands.

"Call me Thunder," The Lightning Creeper murmured. "Thanks for all your help."

The child, however, was angry. The human was about to hit her mother! Who would do that? she thought darkly. And so, the quest for vengeance began..

Chapter 1Edit

"But Mom! I want to go explore!" Rose complained. Her mother was eyeing her suspiciously.

"No," She answered harshly. "It's too dangerous. Remember the storm when you were little?"

Not again! Rose thought. The storm brought back bad memories. The human that attacked my mother and father will pay! She couldn't let him get away with such a horrible crime.

"You're only thirteen," The mother replied as if she read Rose's mind. "Your're still much too young to go off like that during the day." Rose hated when she had to stay in the cave. She always wanted to know what was beyond her home's dark corners.

"Please?" Rose pleaded. "I swear I won't go far!"

"You're staying here until Moonrise, Rose!" Her mother snapped. Rose hung her head and muttered. Trotting to the back of the cave, she picked up the Golden Pickaxe from the hidden clump of rocks. It was old and rusted, and was left long before Rose was born. Carefully, she carved out the words "MAKE HUMAN PAY" on the wall along with her other previous messages.

"Oh, honestly Rose. Stop fiddling with that dusty piece of wood. I'm afraid it's gonna break." Rose continued to carve out words, ignoring her mother's fretting. She then wrote "STEAL SHARP, BLUE WEAPON", refferencing the diamond sword. Reassembling the rocks in their position, she peered out the side of the entrance.

It was a beautiful evening, the birds singing and the tree's gentle swaying of the wind. It was about to reach Moonrise, when she was allowed to go out.

"I don't see why you want to get out so much," Her mother interrupted her thoughts. "You can go when the humans go to sleep, but not now."

Rose groaned. She pacing the cave anxiously. When can I go? This is taking forever!

Her mother cleared her throat. "Alright you can-"

Rose didn't hear her finish. She dashed into the woods, laughing as she passed the trees. I'm free! She loped to the Old Clearing, the place the Spider Jockey had took her when the storm hit. It was hard to believe that the forest was once a wasteland. Some of the skeleton's arrows were still there. Bending over one, she saw that some of the wood was chipped and the stone was dusty.

Remembering her vow to the human, she checked the place where he had stuck to when the skeleton had shot the arrows. The human was gone, but the arrows remained. bits of clothing were caught between all six. He must of escaped! Rose thought. I wonder where he is now?

Pebbles tumbled down the hill. Rose froze as she quickly turned around. A human! I wonder if it's the same one? She wondered. Looking closely behind a bush, she saw torn clothing and a diamond sword. It must be the human! Rose hissed and snuck quietly to where he would land.

Wait a minute, Rose wondered. There's something seriously wrong with that human. The human stumbled wearily and his diamond sword was nearly broken. A weapon like that doesn't wear out that quickly! The human looked up to the sky with eerie, white eyes.

That's not the human! That's Herobrine!

Chapter 2Edit

Her heart thumping in her chest, she hoped that he hadn't seen her. Humans alone were pests, but Herobrine...

He'd be able to throw me out of this planet if he wanted to! Backing away, she hissed quietly to herself. Herobrine was still looking up to the sky, white eyes glowing in the night. His face was without expression, and hadn't moved from his spot.

I wonder what he's doing? Rose pondered.

Suddenly, he leaped off the hill and landed about a foot from where Rose was hiding. If I can beat him, my mom won't fuss over me so much! I'd be a hero! Hissing loudly, she jumped out of her cover and tackled him. With a surprised yell, the two tumbled across the plains in a ball of rage.

Rose had underestimated Herobrine; he fought at least twice as hard as she did; swinging his sword in attempt to get her off. She kicked and bit, but it seemed as if all her effort was doing nothing to him. Going limp, she did her 'play dead' trick she had learned. Herobrine stopped and stood up, remaining silent with a scared expression on his face.

What an idiot! Rose chuckled. She leaped again and pinned him down.

"Only a fool would fall for the play dead act!" She sneered. Herobrine flung her off and she landed in the dirt with a thud. Quickly getting back up, Rose hissed and charged. He wasn't easy to push around. Rose was afraid this would be a fight she couldn't win.

Then, a flash of yellow charged into Herobrine, knocking him off balance. Thunder! The Lightning Creeper that had saved her when she was a kid. He was old and bony. His face was twisted with rage. Joining him, Rose headbutted Herobrine, flinging him about a foot away into the ground.

Dirt was smeared all over his clothes, but not a single scratch was laid on him. He showed no attempt to get up, but sat there, his gaze sweeping back and forth. What is he up to? Rose wondered. Sadness filled his pale, white eyes. He shook his head, then charged into Thunder.

Thunder hissed angrily and knocked Herobrine off his feet. Rose charged, sweeping him away. Other monsters watched in horror as the two brave creepers charged again. Muffled gasps came from the skeletons, eyes wide. No one has ever challenged Herobrine to a fight.

"I think we're winning!" Rose hissed excidetly. Thunder nodded his head briskly, then returned to the fight. Herobrine was plastered with mud. Shaking her head, she pounced on him, flattening him to the ground. She could feel the air being pushed out of him. Thunder walked up and pinned down his arm.

"This is too easy!" Rose teased. Herobrine made no move to get up. The monsters looked at each other, then at Rose and Thunder. Raising her head triumphantly, she jumped off of his back, hearing him wheeze as he struggled to get up.

But Herobrine shook the mud off hastily and saw him turn as if nothing happened. Confused, Rose slowly backed away, feeling his white stare burn into her eyes. How does he pretend to be unaffected? Herobrine took the advantage of her confusion and tackled her in the stomach.

Some of the skeletons were joining in, whizzing arrows two and fro. Thunder felt a trikkle of water on his head. Many monsters had gathered around. Rose had been pinned down, struggling to escape his grasp. But he held down her legs like iron blocks. Embarassed of her defeat, she relaxed and went limp.

He must think I'm playing dead again, Rose thought. Herobrine didn't blink. He eventually let her up, but something was wrong. The skeletons dropped their bows.

"That's it?" Rose scoffed. Herobrine responded with a tiny nod.

"You're not going to punish me for attacking you?" Herobrine remained silent, then after what Rose thought was an eternity, he dropped his sword. Muffled gasps rang across the clearing. Rain began to pour steadily.

"I have been waiting for you," Herobrine rasped.

Chapter 3Edit

The monsters began to back away, horror filled in their eyes. Some ran back to the forest, and other stayed. A baby began to wail loudly.

"F-f-for m-me?" Rose stammered. "What would you want with me?" Herobrine did not answer her. Lightning cracked, and the remaining monsters fled. Even Thunder had left the two alone.

Herobrine turned around, motioning Rose to follow him. Legs trembling, she took wobbly steps. Herobrine remained quiet. Why has he been waiting for me? They trekked on for hours until they reached a dead end.

Before Rose could say anything, Herobrine took a step forward, and the wall of dirt separated into a gaping portal. He jumped in, followed by Rose. She didn't know where they were going, but anywhere was better than hanging out in the rain.

A bright, pink light was at the end. Rose was blinded, then landed with a thud on a hard surface. Looking around, she saw vast, flat stoney areas. Gloomy, shriveled-up trees were scattered everywhere, and the sky was a dark crimson.

"Am I dead?" She coughed. The air was hazy and green.

"Welcome to my home," Herobrine muttered. It wasn't much of a home to Rose, but she guessed he was used to the foggy atmosphere. Standing up, she took a better look. Black shadows were wrestling each other far away and looked a lot like Rose.

"Yes, welcome," a voice hissed behind her. Spinning around, she saw a creeper; but it was much larger than her and it was completely black, with white eyes that shone dimly. "We are the forces that swore we would destroy humanity. And my name is Shade." he added.

"Destroy humans?" Rose trembled under the hot breath of Shade.

"Sit down," His voice was low. "It's a long story." Making herself comfortable, she perked her head up. Maybe this place won't be so bad, she thought.

"Long ago, Herobrine was a miner like the ones now and he went by the name of Steve," he began. "But he was friends with us. He was the only human back then. He was kind to us. There were no battles or war like there is now. Only he and us creepers inhabited the earth." He paused to take a breath. "But then, more of his kind came when Steve had discovered gold and diamonds. Word passed on quickly, and new humans came to settle in.

"But these humans had no understanding of us, and they believed that we should be driven out. Steve was against the idea, and the humans shunned him and threw him out. We creepers almost went extinct until Steve saved us.

"The humans still believed that monsters should be defeated, and more and more humans came until there were more than we could count. At that point, Steve has lived here, and he now goes by Herobrine. We all vowed to get our revenge on humans, and let monsters rule with our only human friend who truely understood us.

Rose listened carefully to every word Shade had said, and it all made sence now. The human that attacked me though I was bad. He was wrong. The thought of vengeance filled her head. If she could help Shade and Herobrine defeat the humans, there would be peace, and her mother wouldn't have to worry about humans in the daytime! They would be able to roam freely!

"Of course, there are more where that came from," Shade hissed darkly. Shadows began to form behind him, hissing in triumph. Rose was astounded at how many there were. Spiders, Skeletons, Ghasts...more than she could count.

"With this many of us, we would easily overpower humans!" Rose chimmed in.

"It's not as easy as you think," Shade corrected. "Humans have swords and armour to their advantage. We have numbers. But we were hoping you could join our training."

Chapter 4Edit

"Really?" Rose stammered. These strong friends would really let a weak person like me join them?

"We have been training for long since any of us got here," Herobrine answered quietly. "When I saw the vengeance in your heart, I knew."

"Where do we start?" Rose asked.

"Why don't you watch us first before you try," Shade suggested. "This is a tough fight we are talking about." Disappointed, Rose nodded her head.
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"Thorn," Shade called out to the group. "Come out here!" An equally tall, muscular, fierce female padded out of the group and stared down at Rose. "When you are ready, Thorn will be your mentor."

"I would be glad to train a weak newbie," Thorn sneered. Her dark green skin shone in the pale light of what seemed like a sun. Her heart thudding, Rose tried to contain her excitement. She couldn't wait to start training!


"Wake up," A voice hissed in Rose's ear. "Shade and Thorn are going to start battle practice!" Scrambling to her feet, she was greeted by her new friend Hail. "They're showing us awesome combos!"

Rose was getting used to the foggy atmosphere and unwelcoming, hard ground. She could already feel her feet hardening from all the walking. Shade hadn't given her a mentor yet, but told her to watch. I don't see why I can't train yet, she thought.

Trotting over to the Hollow, she sat down next to Hail. She hardly had any time to get confortable until Shade and Thorn appeared.

"Watch closely," Shade instructed. He leaped high in the air and landed right on Thorn's shoulders. She howled and was pinned easily.

Woah! Rose thought. She's really weak near her shoulders! Thorn was held down on her stomach, struggling under Shade's grasp. He held her down near the spine. These must be expert fighters. They twisted and turned in a hissing ball of anger. Kicking and screeching, Shade and Thorn became locked into battle. Hail's eyes grew wide in fear.

"That's enough," Herobrine appeared out of the shadows. "Battle practice is over." Thorn looked up with anger at his eerie white eyes.

"But we're not finished," Thorn complained.

"You're scaring the others." He replied quietly. Herobrine was right; the bystanders were trembling. Rose guessed that they were afraid each other would get hurt. Shade dismissed them all with a sharp glance over his shoulder. The newbies all scrambled away, talking to each other in groups.

Hail and Rose walked away. "Do you think we'll have to fight each other like that?" Her voice came out in squeaks.

"I doubt it," Rose replied. They were quiet the rest of the walk back. But we will when the final battle comes, she thought. A hazy red sun glowed high up in the dark crimson sky. Rose's legs ached when they had reached their cave dens. Then, a thought passed through her mind.

"My mother!" Rose shrieked, then covered her mouth, hot with embarassement.

Hail gave her a confused look. "What about her?"

"Er...I was...wondering if..if she's ok with me being gone," Rose stammered. Her mom would be furious if she wasn't back by sunrise! But it doesn't matter anymore, she thought. I basicly live here now!

"I'm sure she's fine," Hail replied calmly.

"Rose." Shade's voice echoed through the cave. Spinning around, he saw that he was at the entrance. "I want you to come with me." Leaving, Rose trotted alongside Shade. They stopped near a dead tree. Thorn was waiting for them.

"Am I getting a mentor?" She asked excitedly.

Thorn shook her head. "But you will be receiving an apprentice name."

"Herobrine suggested we change your name to Moon for the time being," he began. "He observed your moves at the fight yesterday and desided you were old and experienced enough to be renamed." Rose was astounded.

Shade looked up to the sky and in a loud, clear voice, he called, "From this day forth, you will be called Moon." Hail was watching nearby, jealocy glinting in her icy blue eyes. I've only just got here, and my name changes? Moon wasn't certain she would be able to handle the challenges ahead.

"I can't wait to have an apprentice of my own," Thorn declared. "I'll train her as you trained me."

Thorn's mentor was Shade? The two padded away into the fog. Hail trotted up to her.

"You're awfully lucky to be treated with that much respect," She commented. Moon nodded. She had noticed that others were always wrestling with each other, tagged along by a small group of bystanders. Her, Thorn, Shade, and Herobrine were always receiving warm welcomes, while others passed by each other without a word. If she showed her mother Herobrine's world, she would think it would be the most horrible place ever.

But this is my home now, Moon thought. I'll shred the humans and win the battle, once and for all!

Chapter 5Edit

The foggy air surrounded her den. Her head spun as she realized that it was the middle of the night. She tossed and turned in her nest, but she couldn't go to sleep.

Tiptoing outside, she was careful not to wake up Hail. Maybe a nice, long walk will make me tired. She saw others sleeping outside, remembering how used to this place they were. If she wasn't careful, she'd wake the others. Trotting silently to a crooked pathway, she slowed down.

The cold, starless sky didn't scare her anymore. This was her third day after joining the ranks of Herobrine, and she received a lot of welcoming and respect for reasons she couldn't understand. The cold wind whistled loudly around her.

"What are you doing out here?" A tired voice called behind her. Startled, she turned around. A creeper had followed her outside.

"Is that you, Hail?" Moon called back. The shadow shifted around.

"I'm not Hail," he replied. "I'm Iris. I'm one of the seniors around here." His voice was calm. He was even bigger than Shade; his shiny blue skin dazzled in a pale light, and a scar ran across his back.

"'t sleep," She stammered. Iris's gaze swept over her.

"You're going to need a lot of sleep around here. There will be much battle training, and you'll need to know all you can for the final battle. It's not going to be easy, Moon. There will be swordsmen and knights; we're going to need all the backup we can get."

Iris led her back to the cave, and the moment she closed her eyes, she drifted into sleep.


Moon woke up early. Sunrise wasn't much different than day there. Hail had woken up also.

"Morning'," She said sleepily. Both trotted out of the cave and ran into a crowd.

"Hey, you two," One of them called. "Get over here! A fight's gonna start!" The two were shoved in the middle, watching the scene. Two unfamiliar Creepers were standing off, their faces twisted with rage.

"I told you to stay out of my cave!" One hissed.

"I never entered it, Ruby!" The other spat.

"Yes you did! I could smell your stink! What were you doing, rolling in the mud?"

"That's Ruby and Oak," A bystander whispered to Moon.

Oak screeched and leaped in the air, kicking Ruby before he landed on his shoulders. Ruby howled and flipped him off by rolling on his back. Oak charged into him and the two became locked in battle. Will me and Hail ever fight each other like this? Moon wondered with a shudder. Remembering Shade's advice, she looked closer at the two.

"Enough!" A loud voice boomed. "You two; separate!"

Oak and Ruby looked up and dusted each other off. Moon couldn't reconise the one who had broken the two up.

"You all; leave now. You have things to do." He called out to the crowd. The monsters began to break apart into smaller groups, muttering things Moon couldn't pick up.

"We better go, too," Hail concluded, then raced off. Moon stood there, amazed.

What an exciting morning! I wonder if it's always like this. Moon loped back up to Hail, and the two walked away silently. They passed by many fights, often between other monsters. Somebody would yell at them to separate and walk away.

The two ended up walking side-by-side on the trail Moon had found last night. Dead willows were thinning out as they went on further. I wonder if it ever ends, She thought. The fog was lessening, and for the first time in a while, Moon saw the gaping portal between here and her home. It fizzled and cracked, sending purple dust everywhere.

Only Herobrine would be able to travel cross-dimentional! He must of left! Hail began to shiver.

"Can we leave?" She asked coldly. Moon nodded, and the two turned away. Before they took more than a couple steps, the portal screeched, and Herobrine stepped out with a creeper by his side. He was a shiny black with strips of yellow outlining his legs and chest. He was about the same size as her.

"We have a new recruit," Herobrine muttered quietly. "His name is Silver." Silver stood up bravely, and coughed at the fog. The portal disappeared with a howl.

"Did I die yet?" He choked. Herobrine chuckled and shook his head. Silver was leaning over, looking up at the sky. "And where am I?"

"You're in the best place in the world," Hail joked. Moon still thought that Herobrine's home was creepy.

"You call this best? Is it opposite day here?" Silver gasped. Moon was surprised at how he had taken the remark seriously.

"No, but you'll get used to it," Shade had snuck up on him, startling Silver. "You will be sleeping with Hail and Moon."

Chapter 6Edit

The eerie pale sun had rose to the top of the sky. Silver, Hail, and Moon were walking together, discussing about training.

"I can't wait to fight those mean humans!" Silver hissed eagerly.

"It will be a long time until that happens," Moon replied. "We don't even have mentors yet!"

"I've been here months before Moon came, and they still won't let me take on the duty of an apprentice." She knew they had lots to learn. Shade had told her to watch the outbreaks of the others and see how they use moves.

"I think it's stupid that humans hate us," Hail continued. "They've got nothing to fear. But they have betrayed us too many times."

I know what you mean, Moon thought. One attacked my mom and dad. He will pay. As Silver and Hail chatted, Moon began to wonder if fighting in the war among humans was a good idea.

You'll have a good mentor to train you. We have numbers on our side. They passed by angry doubles of monsters wrestling with each other as they walked on. She hadn't noticed the black shadow that was following them until then.

"You three," It was Iris. "Come with me. Shade and I will be doing battle practice." Finally! Moon practically leaped out of her skin and followed the tall, blue creeper. Silver and Hail tagged closely behind, whispering to each other. They ended up in the clearing with a ring of newbies sitting, leaning forward while Shade instructed moved.

"...always aim for the neck," Shade hardly moved when he saw the three sit down. "That's their weakspot, and doing so will push the air out of them. When pinning down a human, press your front legs on their throat," he preformed leg motions before continuing. "and the back ones on their knees. Also one of their least strongest bones."

He makes them sound so fragile, Moon noticed his muscular legs.

"What if they have a sword?" One of the newbies asked sheepishly.

"Good question," Shade nodded his head. "In case they try to swing at you, knock it out of their hands. Do whatever you have to do to get a dangerous weapon like that away from you." He kicked the stoney ground to show he was fighting an invisible human.

"What if they have a bow?" another asked.

"Run in a circle around them, and do the same thing..." he continued to demonstrate techniques, all three listening intently. Shade went on for what seemed like hours.

"Battle training is over now." Shade announced when he saw the moon begin to rise. The newbies broke up and wandered in their own direction. Silver, Hail, and Moon trotted back to their cave-den without a word. Silver slept in the corner while Hail and Moon were side-by-side. Moon closed her eyes and eased into sleep.

She stood in a grassy meadow, trees flourishing everywhere. The human stood face-to-face with her and drew out his sword, stepping back cautiously.

I'm not going to let you get away with attacking my parents! She screamed in her head. Hissing, she leaped forward to confront him and knocked away the sword while pushing him away. It dropped witha loud clang. She pounced on him, aiming her legs in the exact positions Shade had instructed. He grunted, feeling the breath being knocked out of him.

"Moon...Moon!" A voice out of nowhere was calling her.

"Wake up, Moon!" Silver was shaking her awake.


"You were twitching in your sleep. Hail is already awake."

She clammered to her feet, eyelids fluttering as she adjusted to the darkness of the cave. How long was I asleep?

"It was just a dream," she replied drowsily. Walking outside, she looked up. It was half-past Sunrise. Hail walked up to her, and the three padded out. Morning fog littered the area, and the usual outbreaks were coming and going. Remembering what Shade had told her, she joined a nearby crowd and watched as two unfamiliar creepers wrestled each other.

Both leaped on each other, often near the neck and shoulders. They kicked and tackled while interlocked in battle like a pair of cats. When one rammed into the other, he went limp, dragging the other's weight and clumsily flailing, trying to land a hit on him. No one disturbed this fight.

One used a move Moon didn't know; he turned his back on the other and kicked with his hind legs, sending the other flying into one of the bystanders. He got up and snarled.

"Hey, watch it!" The bystander hissed. He too leaped into the fight, and all three of the males turned against each other. Bits of stone was flung in the air, making it impossible to see. Several shards hit her and Silver on the head.

"Let's get out of here!" Hail whispered. The three of them backed out of the crowd and walked away.

"Some fight," One from the crowd sneered. Moon ignored it, heart beating.

I wonder if the humans will be fighting as hard as we are?

Chapter 7Edit

"Ready...set...go!" Hail cheered. Silver and Moon dashed onto the path, loping as fast as they could. Silver had suggested they work on their speed to get faster before they were assigned to mentors.

Silver began to fall behind Moon, hard on her heels. She puffed and wheezed at the effort, but she didn't stop running. She wasn't going to let him think she was weak. Hail disappeared into the distance, and Moon almost ran into the dead end before making a quick U-turn. Silver was about a yard behind her, slowing down even more.

"Wait..up!" He called inbetween breaths. Yeah right! She felt the wind stinging on her face, and she scooted to a halt by Hail. She was shocked at how fast she was. Silver was a few seconds slower, and tumbled into Hail with a yelp. The two tumbled across in a ball.

"Sorry!" Silver huffed as the two separated. Hail had bits of gravel sticking to her from the path.

"It's fine," Hail replied cooly. Moon thought that the two of them would break into fighting, but they only walked up to her with smiles on their faces.

"That was some pretty fast running!" Silver was still panting.

"Indeed," a deep voice sounded behind the three. Herobrine had watched them the entire time. Moon was startled and turned around to see his glowing, white eyes stare straight at them. He stepped out of the shadows with an amused look on his face. "Both of you were very nimble."

Herobrine had set his gaze on Hail. "And I have someone for you to meet." A tall, lean creeper stepped out from behind him. "Hail, this is Jay. He will be your mentor."

Hail froze. Moon could tell that the young female was excited. Her feet trembled, raising her head. Herobrine motioned Shade to come out. He looked up to the sky and called together a group of creepers. Among them, Moon could see Ruby and Oak staring intently at each other.

Herobrine nodded, and Shade straighted himself up, with Jay and Hail standing by his sides.

"From this moment on, you will be known as Sapphire."


It was almost Sunset. After receiving her new name and mentor the day before, Sapphire was training harder than ever. She did everything she could to impress Jay. Moon had noticed a change in her and how she behaved.

She's just excited, Moon coaxed herself. She always watched her and Jay practice moves, like the ones she had seen others use.

"Always land on their necks and shoulders," She'd hear Jay instruct this technique many times. Sapphire always tried and practiced on Silver, each time him landing with an "Oof!". Jay would nod if she did something right.

She also noticed a change in Silver; he followed her often since Sapphire was busy training. She woke up in the middle of the night and padded out silently.

She walked the trail again, always feeling relaxed when she began to stretch her muscles. She heard steps behind her and twisted her head to get a good look. The shadow froze.

"It's me," Silver explained.

"What are you doing out here?" Moon hissed quietly.

" lonely," He turned his foot around in circles against the stone.

"You can't sleep, can you?" Moon replied.

"How did you know?"

"Well," Moon shrugged. "I know lots of things. It can get pretty restless around here."

"You say it like you've been here a long time."

"Only about a week and a half. You'll get used to it." The two of them padded next to each other, walking the trail without a word. Silver would shudder every time they'd pass a dead tree. Moon guessed he wasn't used to the scenery, where there used to be lush forests.

They turned around at the wall and headed back to the cave. When Silver trugged in and layed down, he fell asleep. He must be tired, Moon figured. Turning around a few circles, she layed down next to Sapphire and fell asleep.

She found herself back home, standing next to Herobrine, Shade, Thorn, Sapphire, Silver, and Jay.

"The time is here!" Sapphire explained excidetly. "The war is going to start!"

Then why are we waiting in my house? She wondered. Everyone around her grew tense, ready to spring. Then, a speck of yellow caught in the corner of her eye. With a gasp, she saw the Golden Pickaxe, along with her carved messages. Of course! Why did I forget it?

Chapter 8Edit

"The Golden Pickaxe!" Moon yelped, standing up. She was standing in her cave-den, along with her friends Sapphire and Silver.

Both were looking at her with perplexed looks.

"The golden what?" Sapphire asked. "Were you dreaming again?" Feeling hot with embarassement, Moon cleared her throat.

"Uh...something back at my..old home," She stammered. Both cocked their heads to one side. " was left by...a miner long ago. I..uh, thought we might be able to use it."

Sapphire and Silver exchanged exctied glances, then turned back to Moon.

"If it's ok with Shade and the others," She continued. "I'd like to go get it." Moon loped out of the cave-den and immediatly started looking for Herobrine. He was nowhere in sight.

In sight, Moon wondered. I' could probably be able to hear him. Focusing all around her, she heard rustling from the gravel trail she had walked many times before. There he is! Trotting over to him, she cleared her throat.

"Uh...Herobrine?" She asked, suddenly losing her voice. Herobrine turned around calmly. "I..uh, have something to tell you I should of long ago..." Herobrine turned to face her, eyes glowing.

"You see..there's this...Golden Pickaxe back old, uh..home," She gulped in a breath. "I was, uh..hoping you'd let me..go get it." Silence. Herobrine looked up for a moment, then lookee back at Moon.

"Yes," He croaked. He continued to walk down the path until he saw the wall. Taking out his sword, he swung it in the air, and the portal appeared. He looked at Moon, coaxing her in. She jumped in, sounds screaming around her. She forgot what it had been like traveling through the portal. A white light flashed, and she landed in soft grass. Butterflies danced around her, flowers and trees blooming everywhere.

She breathed in, feeling cool, fresh air touch her lungs. Something I haven't breathed for a long time, She noticed. She trotted away, seeing the Old Clearing, then the forest. Walking in, she saw her home cave. Peeking in, she saw that it was deserted.

Good, Moon thought. Mom is gone. Better hurry before she comes back. Sorting through the jumbled rocks, she saw it; old, rusty, and slightly broken. Carefully picking it up in her mouth, she shuffled back out into the forest.

It won't be long before this place is a battlefield. She made sure no one saw her. About to enter the portal, a voice behind her startled Moon.

"Rose! Where are you, Rose?" It was Thunder. Leaping behind a bush, she peeked out, seeing many others calling her former name.


"Come out, Rose!"

"Pretty please, Rose?" Moon ignored all their calls and jumped in the portal before they could see her. Twisting and turning, she yelped as she landed with a thud! on the cold, hard stone. She was back, with many of Herobrine's monsters watching behind him.

Moon carefully dropped the rusty pickaxe in front of Silver and Sapphire.

"Well, what do you know? It's the Golden Pickaxe." Silver was surprised Moon had brought it back.

"It looks like the Olden Pickaxe!" Someone yelled from the crowd. Laughter rose and echoed through the stoney
ground. Silver frowned. He likes the pickaxe, Moon pondered, trying to blot out the laughter.

"Enough! Let her speak!" A light green creeper stepped out of the crowd. His skin was lined with blue specks, his tail lashing angrily. Moon guessed that he was one of the main leaders. "Go on," he prompted her.

"It was left by a miner long before I was born," she began. "I found it lying around, and I use it to carve messages. Too bad it's almost broken," Moon added, casting a quick glance at the rusted gold.

"That gives me a brilliant idea!" Silver shouted excidetly. "We should carve out messages of the battlefield for the final battle! We'll have positions and everything! Leaders in front, mentors in the middle, and apprentices in the back." Shade, Thorn, Jay, and the green-blue creeper exchanged amused glances.

"He does have a point," Herobrine croaked quietly.

"I think that's a good plan," Jay replied. "But where would we carve the messages where the human's wouldn't see?"

"I know where a lot of abandoned caves are," Moon chimmed in. Nods of approval came from the crowd. The leaders looked at the pickaxe, then at Moon.

"You know this place better than any of us do," Shade replied. "You were the last to get here, and you're thirteen. Silver, however," Shade looked at the black-and-yellow creeper for a moment. "Is only ten. You would know the outside world a lot more than us."

Power surged through her legs. Woah! Am I a leader now or something? Trying to keep her feet from trembling, she cleared her throat.

"I would be glad to show you around at night," Her voice shook as she spoke. Murmers of agreement rose. Herobrine nodded slowly. I'm going to be showing the seniors my home!


"Wake up," She was shaken awake by Thorn. "Show us your home. It's time to get up." Moon gave herself a slight shake, then stumbled to her feet and followed the dark green female to the trail. Herobrine, Jay, Shade, and a few others she couldn't reconise were waiting for her. Herobrine had opened up the portal to her home.

"Will anyone see us?" Jay's question took her by surprise.

"No," Moon replied cooly. "All the humans are asleep by now." Jumping in, she swirled and twisted around in the tunnel of sparks. The rest were twirling behind her, and she landed with a soft thud on the soft grass. Crickets chirped softly, and a flock of birds flew away, squacking loudly.

The others tumbled into the plains, but Herobrine landed on his feet. Confused looks shot through the leaders. They struggled to remember what their old home had been like.

"The air," Thorn announced. "It''!" The others had got up to their feet, looking around. It was a nice night to explore. Moon found it relaxing. She lead the group across the forest and into their old home. Heaving the Golden Pickaxe in her mouth, she entered her old home and pointed to the carved messages on the corner wall.

"Here," She directed. "This is the perfect place."

"It is well hidden by the trees," Herobrine agreed quietly. The others nodded their heads. Thorn had walked up to the wall, reading the messages Moon had wrote times before.

"You mean you wrote these?" Thorn asked. "None of us can write, except Shade and Herobrine! How did you obtain such a skill?"

"I taught myself," Moon explained with a shrug.

"Jay, Shade, Apple, Gash, and Hawk," Herobrine directed. "Leave now. We have some buisness to explain."

Huh? Moon was confused. Why leave Thorn with her? Am I becoming an apprentice?

"Moon," Herobrine turned to her. "Do you have parents?"

"One, my mother," She replied.

"She doesn't know you left, correct?"

Why are you asking me this? "Uh, yeah, she does. But she doesn't know where i've gone."

"Never tell her," Herobrine ordered with a serious look in his eyes. "She must not know about where you've gone or went. Do not interact with her in any way, or your training will be in ruins. You must keep this a secret."

Keeping a secret against my mother? But I miss her! Why can't I see her?

Chapter 9Edit

Moon hadn't realized the time in Herobrine's dimension moved much quicker than her old home, and it was late morning when she returned. Herobrine had left to do his own things, while Moon searched for her cave-den. Silver and Sapphire were asleep when she returned.

"Good morning, sleepyheads," She rocked them awake. Sapphire groaned and sat up, blinking at the pale sun. Silver, however, sprung up and leaped to his feet.

"I hid the Golden Pickaxe for you," He pointed with his foot at a clump of rocks.

Wait-how did you get it when I was holding it? Moon wondered. When she walked out of the cave-den, Silver and Sapphire were wide awake and followed her into the clearing.

"Why are we here?" Silver asked with a puzzled look. Sapphire dug her feet into the loose stone.

"To practice, silly," She answered as a matter-of-factly. "Nothing but a good tussle will warm us up." Moon was surprised at the young creeper's energy. She must be eager to show off what Jay had shown her. Without warning, Sapphire leaped at Moon and pinned her down by the neck.

"Oof!" She yelped and tried to escape, but it was too late. Sapphire had grown in height and strength from training.

"Look! Herobrine's coming!" Moon screeched.

"Where?" Sapphire had loosened her grip, looking around feverishly. Moon turned over and kicked hard with her hind legs, like how she had seen others use. Her blow landed near Sapphire's leg, and she tripped her easily. She jumped on her back, then leaped off again.

"What have I told you about getting distracted?" A harsh voice hissed behind Sapphire. Jay walked out of the shadows, his gaze fierce.

"Sorry," Sapphire muttered, not looking up. She scrambled quickly up to her feet and reared up on her hind legs, hissing. Woah! She's a giant now! Moon held her breath as Sapphire tripped her. She battered Moon with her front legs, knocking her behind quickly and leaving her unable to get up.

So this is why she challenged me, Moon figured. Jay watched, amused at the two. Moon noticed that Sapphire wasn't kicking her hard. Thorn appeared next to Jay with a smug look on her face.

"Why are you smiling?" Moon asked hastily. She got to her feet and slammed into Sapphire.

"No reason," Thorn replied. "But you should be using your legs, not your body, in a fight."

"Hey!" Sapphire shot an angry glance at Thorn. "No fair! You can't give tips to someone you're not mentoring!"

"Says who?" Thorn sneered. Moon followed the senior's advice and kicked with her front legs. Sapphire, caught by surprise, was sent reeling on the far side of the hollow.

"What did I tell you? Distraction, and a perfectly good example of it." Jay joked. Thorn chuckled as Sapphire cast furious glances at her mentor.

Why is she so mad? This is just practice. Moon saw Sapphire blush. She charged at Moon full-speed. She moved aside and Sapphire crashed into the ground, sending tiny bits of stone in the air. She charged again, eyes filled with fury. Moon stepped to the side again and she took another crash landing.

"What happened to the nice Hail I used to know?" Moon asked. Sapphire stopped, then shook her head quickly. She leaped and Moon stepped aside again. The young apprentice crashed again, and shook herself before rearing up again. Moon remembered some moves she had seen Ruby, Oak, and others use, so she reared up and walked around quickly in a circle.

Sapphire, utterly confused, dropped to her knees and looked around wildly. Moon bended over behind the apprentice and silently leaped. She landed right on her shoulders, aware of the shocked mentor's faces. She inched her front legs up to Sapphires neck and pressed down lightly, then jumped off and leaped on again.

"Those are some pretty advanced moves you learned there," Thorn observed. Why is he treating me like I'm his apprentice? Moon shook away the thought and continued to leap on and off, each time feeling a breath being pushed out. She eventually stopped to catch her breath and allowed Sapphire to get up. She was coughing and a scared expression was on her face.

"Those are the kind of moves you learn when you're a senior, like Shade!" She exclaimed. Moon was happy she wasn't angry anymore. "How did you learn them so fast?"

"I watched others use them lots of times before," Moon explained with a shrug. "Say, where's Silver?"

"He left when he saw you using the senior moves," Jay replied.

"Then I better go find him." Moon left with a hollar. She padded into her cave-den, and fear spread through her body.

Silver isn't here!


"Did you find him?" Sapphire asked worriedly. It was Moonhigh and still no sign of where Silver was. Every moster was looking for him, and none had seen him. Herobrine was equally worried; his white eyes were pale with fear and determination.

"We will find him," He soothed Sapphire. She looked at him, the with a nod of her head, she took off.

"You're sure he's not walking the trail?" Moon asked a passing Ghast.

"Nope. I checked there already," he replied, shaking his head. He flew away. Moon loped off towards the trail despite what the Ghast had said. She huffed with tiredness but did not stop. She almost bumped into the dead end when she saw that the portal was open.

"Hey, Herobrine! Shade! Thorn! Sapphire! Come over here!" She yelled. They all came running in seconds, Sapphire in the lead. She gasped and stopped dead in her tracks. Thorn bumped into her with a yelp. Herobrine stepped forward, shaking his head.

"I'll go find him!" Moon jumped in the screaming vortex without an answer. She landed lightly on her feet in the soft, cool grass. It was nighttime, and few monsters were out. All stared in horror at her slick body.

"Hey, it's Rose!" A spider shouted. "Where have you been?" Muffled gasps arose into the dark sky, but she ignored them. She had to find Silver. Come on, where are you, Silver?

A startled screech rattled her in the distance. It was unfamiliar, but Moon followed it, hoping that Silver was nearby. She ended up in the Old Clearing, and there, standing in the middle, was the long-forgotten human and Silver, fighting for their lives.

Chapter 10Edit

Moon yelped as she saw the torn clothing and the diamond sword. can't be! Silver was fleeing in a circle around him. Anger burned inside her like a blazing fire. Screeching as loud as she could, she pummeled out of the bushes and rammed into the human.

He yelled and fell over clumsily, recognizing her pale green skin immediatly. He gasped, and Moon reared up and hissed fiercely. She wouldn't let him get away this time. The human stood up and readied his sword. She roared and knocked it out of his hands, kicking it behind far behind her. Jumping on his back, she landed squarely on his neck and shins. He struggled unsuccessfully to escape her grip.

Moon had not realized how much stronger she had become. Leaping off his back, she loped in circles around him, confusing him. The human began to back up, bumping into Silver. Silver howled and dashed away into a shrub, watching the fight. Moon leaped on his head and pushed herself into the air, landing on the other side and forcing the human to the ground.

She stalked up to the hairless, tembling body.

"Don't bother coming here again," She growled loudly. "Or your punishment will be severe. Now, Go!"

The human stumbled up wearily and fled to the forest, leaving his sword behind. She didn't even break a sweat. Gently picking up the heavy weapon in her mouth, she threw it away and it landed in a pond. Silver creeped out and ran up to her, eyes wide.

She turned to him, eyes fierce. "Why did you leave?"

"I...I got scared," His voice shook as he spoke. "I thought you would..fight each other."

"Well, let's get you back home now," She soothed him. "Everybody will be waiting for you." Leading him away from the Old Clearing, the two padded away silently, ignoring the eyes looking into them. She grabbed Silver and jumped into the portal and both walked back into Herobrine's dimension.

Sapphire was pacing back and forth, then looked up and with a joyfull screeched, she loped over to Silver.

"You brought him back!" She exclaimed. "Where was he?"

"Fighting the human," Moon spat out the word. "The one who attacked my parents. I had him fleeing to the forests."

Someone else stepped out of the portal. "Indeed. You fought like a senior." She recognized the deep, rumbling voice of Herobrine. More monsters began to gather around, eyes wide at Silver's return.

"Moon has brought him back!" A voice shouted. Cheers rose up into the dark red sky. Raising her head, Moon looked as triumphant as she could.

"I fought my first human with my new senior moves," She explained proudly. Thorn looked at her with proudness in her gaze. Herobrine looked at Silver.

"You shouldn't of run away," Jay scolded him. "You should of trusted we would never fight each other in a battle." Silver hung his head. A wave of sympathy flooded Moon.

"And as for you," Herobrine looked at her. "You are ready for a mentor."

Yes! Excitement flew through her. She tried to stand still as Thorn and Herobrine approached her. The white-eyed human looked up to the sky and announced out loud:

"From this day forth, you will be known as Emerald."


"Land lightly on your feet!" Thorn scolded Emerald. It was her first day of training and she was learning Shade's sneak move.

"I'm trying!" She answered. She would have to be utterly silent, then scare it with her battle cry. Every time she leaped, she landed heavily. Thorn was impatient.

"Take all your weight to your body," She corrected. "Not your legs!" As crabby as Thorn was, Emerald knew she was only trying to prepare her for the dangers that lie ahead. She jumped again, this time landing silently. Thron raised her head in approval and walked up to her, crouching.

"If the enemy has a weapon, knock it aside," She instructed. "Swords and bows will weigh you down and put you at high risk." Emerald nodded her head. She already knew the most advanced moves, and she didn't need too much training. She struck the air with her foot, pretending to face a human.

"If they are wearing armor," Thorn continued. "Try to wear it down first, or aim for the face." She motioned Emerald. "Come on, pretend I am a human." She tried to picture the ragged miner who attacked her parents with armor on. She jumped awkwardly on Thorn's head and flung her to the ground, leaping off and loping around her in a circle.

"Exactly how you should do it," Thorn praised. She stumbled to her feet and looked deep into Emerald's eyes. "You are a fast learner. I can't believe you preformed a senior's moves so perfectly. I don't think you'll need much training."

You just read my mind, She wondered. She stopped, feeling energy pulse through her muscles.

"Impressive," A deep voice echoed. At first Emerald thought it was Herobrine; but then she saw it was someone else.

"Iris," Thorn was surprised at the senior's entrance. "I haven't seen you in awhile."

"I've been training Opal," He replied calmly. "Such an energetic little bundle of energy. I can't make him stop moving." Emerald chuckled. "And I see you are doing well, being here for about a month." She blushed and nodded.

"She's a fast learner," Thorn bragged.

"Yes, I heard all the tales," Iris chuckled, then turned back to her. "Emmy here learned the senior's moves. Why don't you show me some?"

Emerald reared up and hissed playfully, then jumped and landed hard on Iris's neck. She jumped off and loped in the same circles and jumped on his head, then leaped off again. She continued to jump on and off and kicked occasionaly.

Iris didn't fight back. He had an amazed expression on his face. Emerald slapped his leg as if she were smacking away a weapon.

"So the stories were true," Iris complimented.

"Would I lie?" Emerald questioned him. She paused, her energy bounding wildly through her legs. She noticed that Silver was watching. "Apparently a black shadow is observing my training."

Iris and Thorn turned around. Silver stalked out of the trees.

"Dang it," Silver muttered under his breath. "Moon, you have sharp ears."

"I'm Emerald now, thank you," She corrected him. Silver walked away into the fog.

"Training is over now," Thorn announced. "You may go now, Emmy." SHe dashed off into the trees and headed into her cave-den. Sapphire was waiting for her.

"The time is coming soon," Sapphire told her. "I can feel it."

"You mean the battle?" Emerald gave her a confused look.

"Yeah, the final battle. We'll attract all the humans," She dug a sharp stone into the wall, picturing the battlefield. "And then the seniors will charge ahead. Everybody else will sneak up on some of the humans. Silver already drew out the positions of everybody on that cave you found in the other dimension."

"So we're just training now?" She gave Sapphire a questioning look. "Why don't we just go ahead and fight?"

"Because it is not yet time," A deep, croaking voice answered quietly behind the two. Herobrine stood at the cave entrance, eerie eyes lighting up his feet.

Why do you always sneak up on us like that? "When will it be time? I want to get rid of those humans!"

"The humans sence it too," Herobrine ignored her question. "The time is coming, Emerald. The moon will cover the sun, and the second storm will strike."

Second storm? Moon covering the sun? Is Herobrine giving me an omen?

Chapter 11Edit

The hazy moon glinted in the dark crimson sky. Emerald could not sleep after Herobrine had appeared.

The moon will cover the sun, and the second storm will strike. The words stuck to her head like glue. It's so confusing. She tossed and turned but didn't feel like getting out of her nest to walk. Silver and Sapphire were sleeping soundly, occasionally twitching.

She shut her eyes, but she couldn't fall asleep. She had gone this far, and there was no turning back to the battle.

Everyone I used to know just thinks of me as Rose the young creeper, She wondered darkly. Finally, she got up and quietly stalked outside. To her surprise, a creeper much older than her was standing by the trail. Emerald stalked up next to him.

He didn't even blink. He stared up ahead at where the portal lay, his shiny orange skin glinting in the fading moonlight.

"Sometimes I wonder about the final war," He spoke quietly. "It's going to be the last resort. The end. The beginning of a new time. Humans have dominated our world for their share of time. This battle will be final, and will decide who will keep our home." His gaze was transfixed on the trail ahead.

"I wonder about that too," Emerald replied. The male looked at her.

"But don't you think we could accept humans?" His voice grew soft. "Even after all they have done? I mean, why can't we just be friends?"

Emerald was shocked at his question. "They have done one crime too many," She replied. "The humans will have to pay some how, some time. But Herobrine was once friends with all of you."

"My name is Amber," The senior relpied. "I was alive when Steve walked the earth."

That must of been not too long ago. "I was among Apple, Hawk, Shade, Thorn, Iris, and a few others."

"Thorn just happens to be my mentor," Emerald bragged.

"I heard," Amber recalled. The two stared on in silence.

"Well," Amber said eventually. "We better get to sleep." Emerald bid him farewell and quietly walked up to her cane-den. Sneaking in, she curled up in her nest and fell into a dreamless sleep.


Emerald woke up early. She padded out and entered the stone clearing. Thorn was waiting for her.

"You're up early," Thorn commented. "I was just about to go wake you." She yawned and stretched her long legs.

"I'm ready for battle practice," Emerald chimmed in eagerly. Thorn perked up and listened. "I made up my own stradegy. I want to see what you think."

"Well, go on, then. Show me." Thorn coaxed her. Emerald grabbed a sharp stone and drew out with her foot.

"There's a river running right along where we'll be fighting," She marked out a line for the river. "I was thinking some of us could be taught to swim and throw the humans under the surface until they beg for mercy. We could also blind them by splashing them with the water."

"That is a very interesting thing you have there, Emmy," Thorn observed. "We could be taught how to hold our breath long enough to reach them. We'd need a body of water to practice in. I know where one is nearby." Thorn forgot about their training and led Emerald to a dark, churning river.

"That's the Shadow Stream," Thorn explained. "We could teach some of the apprentices how to swim." Thorn called out to a creeper Emerald didn't know, and the young female reached them within moments.

"What do you want?" She asked warily. Thorn directed her to tell the apprentices that they would have water training. The yellow creeper trotted away.

"On the other hand, we need to discuss the positions of battle. Come with me." They walked on the trail and into
File:Thorn and rose in cave.png
the portal and trotted into the forest. They immediatly spotted Emerald's old home and snuck in. Pictures and graphs were carved into the wall.

"Okay, you see those white dots?" Thorn pointed with his leg. Emerald nodded. "Those are the humans. The grey dots are us. The back ones are where you and the apprentices will stand.

"The middle row of dots are where fully-trained apprentices will stand, and the front row of dots are where the seniors and mentors will stand, and Herobrine will be in the very front.The river will be on our left side." Emerald listened carefully to all of Thorn's directions. She nodded when she had finished.

"Do you think you can remember all that?" Thorn added. Emerald nodded.

"Good. Then we can go home now." Her and Thorn padded back up to the portal and jumped in. Echoes screamed all around her, and she landed neatly on her feet. The two separated into their own directions and trotted away. Emerald's muscles were tingling with energy. She loped back to the cave-den and met Silver lying in his nest.

It's sunhigh! Why is he still asleep? Prodding him with her foreleg, she whispered gently in his ear.

"Silver...Silver, get up. It's sunhigh." Silver groaned and sat up. His eyes were reddish around the corners.

Emerald gave him a suspicious look. "How long did you stay up last night?"

"Til' moonhigh," He replied sleepily.

"What on earth were you doing up so late?"

"I couldn't sleep," he answered. "You were gone and I was worried."

"Why worry so much about me? I just went outside for a little bit," Emerald looked deep into his eyes. "What are you so concerned about?"

"About that something might of happened to you."

"Come on, Silver. That's rediculous." Silver groaned again and walked outside, legs tembling. Shrugging the thought away, Emerald trotted over to Sapphire and Jay, who were practicing battle moves.

" them to befuddle them, then leap," Jay hardly blinked when he saw Emerald pad up. "Aim for the head and use it like a jump pad."

He's teaching Sapphire senior moves, Emerald observed. Sapphire ran in circles around Jay, then leaped. She had miscalculated the jump and tumbled into the ground, swishing right over her mentor's head.

"Hi, Emerald!" The greeting came out as a hiss. "Sorry, this move is so hard to learn! I keep falling on the wrong side." She chuckled as Sapphire tried to get up.

"Your enemy won't wait for you to catch your breath," Jay instructed. "You must be as quick as you can." Sapphire began to run in circles again when Emerald padded away. She knew how to preform the moves perfectly.

I wonder what Herobrine's message meant? The thought buzzed in her head. She never figured out what he had meant with his message.

The second storm...Emerald pondered for a moment. I wonder what was the first storm? Was it the one when I was little? Only a storm that bad would have to be apart of a message. But the moon covering the sun...that makes no sence. Why couldn't Herobrine be more clear about his message?


The days turned into weeks, then into months. It was Moonhigh, and Emerald was restless. Silver was made apprentice to Amber, and he was renamed Iron. Emerald had been training with Thorn every day, and she noticed a huge change in her body; she was leaner, muscular, and quick to react. She became one of the star apprentices.

Emerald struggled to fall asleep. Iron and Sapphire were the same. It was painful, but not a wink of sleep was offered. She sat up and wailed.

"Why can't I sleep?" She screeched.

"I can't sleep either," Iron replied. Sapphire moaned and sat up in her nest. "It's like we're under a spell!" Sapphire was distressed and grunted something Emerald couldn't pick up. Without thinking, she padded out of the cave-den and walked the trail.

Maybe there's a reason why we can't sleep, Emerald assured herself. She saw the portal and jumped in, the screaming sparks fading into silence. She landed outside in the grass. It was pouring rain. No monsters were out, and birds hooted lonely-like. Emerald looked up.

Wait a minute! It's not nighttime! Two balls, one light and the other dark, passed over each other, and a white outline shone dimly. It immediatly grew dark, and lightning cracked a tree.

Oh my gosh! That's a solar eclipse! Emerald looked up, already soaked. The thunder grew painfully loud, and a fire begun to blaze.

Oh, no! Herobrine's message was true! It's time! The war has begun! The final battle is about to start!

Chapter 12Edit

Emerald backed up and ran back into the portal. When she returned, she cleared her throat.

"Everybody! Wake up!" She shouted as loud as she could. "It's time! The war between us and humans is going to start!" Monsters flooded out of their caves, screeching, yelping, and howling in excited voices. She saw Apple, Hawk, Gash, Iron, Sapphire, Amber, Jay, Thorn, Opal, and many others she couldn't recognize. Herobrine was the first to come, his white eyes flashing in an expressionless colour. They gathered around Herobrine, murmering to each other.

"Men and women," Herobrine announced in a clear, booming voice. "It is time we fight the war! You know your positions. Now, go!"

Herobrine widened the portal and all the monsters shoved each other to get in. Emerald merged together with a skeleton and spinned in the pink vortex. The monsters flooded the area, taking their exact positions. Ghasts up in the air, Skeletons in the front, zombies in the middle, Spider Jockeys in the back, Blazes in the sky, and Creepers all over. Everyone remained silent, then a growl arose from the spiders. A human walked up, looked at the army, and fled away. He brung back at least half of their army, all wearing armour and holding swords and bows.

This is it, Emerald thought. Now, go prove yourself. Herobrine stood in silence at the humans, then hollared out a signal to the Ghasts. They flew in closer, and the air grew tense. Lightning flashed, and Herobrine yelled the battle-cry.

All the monsters charged, and the humans yelled and ran. The humans and monsters merged together, fireballs and arrows being flung everywhere. Emerald charged and tackled the nearest human. He was wearing leather armour and held an Iron Sword. Remembering her past training, she knocked the sword away and reared on her hind legs, hissing and batting at his coat of armour. It ripped easily; she leaped on his head and pushed off, pushing him to the ground.

He fled away into the human's side. Looking around, she saw Shade wrestling with a human, Sapphire dodging arrows, and skeletons walking in circles. Then she spotted eerily familiar torn blue clothing and a diamond sword...

Time seemed to freeze. The same human looked on at her, eyes wide. Everything slowed down around her, and she stared at him.

"You..." She gasped. The human flinched. "You were the one who attacked my parents!" Slowly, she stalked up to him, aware that he was backing up.


The screeches and yelps began to roar in her ears. Angrier than ever, she charged with all her might and knocked the human away. She hissed, rearing up. She was taller than the human, and he backed up and fell down clumsily.

Emerald pinned him down and hissed in his ears.

"Any last words, you horrid beast?" The human, struggling to get up, had sorrow fill his eyes. His face was plastered with mud and dirt, and his shirt was torn and ragged. Finally, after a long time, he sighed and cleared his throat.

"I..I'm so, so sorry." He croaked.

Silence. Utter silence.

Emerald, shocked, looked questioningly in his eyes. "You...what?" She gasped.

"I...didn't..know he was...your father," His voice trembled with fear. "I..din't think about felt."

Emerald's heart was pounding so loud she thought it would burst. Why was he apologizing?

"You're lying," Emerald hissed doubtfully.

"I..should of To you. To all of you." Emerald was shaking. She searched longingly through his eyes, and she found nothing but sympathy.

"I' sorry. Why...don't my people...just be friends?" Emerald had remembered how he had been agressive when she was little. She was scared, but she didn't know he wanted friends.

She jumped off of him. She was trembling, surprised at the human's apology. She thought for a long moment.

"I accept," She answered finally. The humans were never bad! They just didn't think about us and how we felt. Now I know how Amber feels. "But first, we need to stop this war. There is no reason for it to be happening." Climbing up a huge mountain, she jumped at the last step and yelled out as loud as possible.

"STOP!" Her voice echoed through the battlefield. Everyone froze and looked up at Emerald.

"This shouldn't be happening!" She shouted. "Don't you understand? Neither of us were bad! This war should of never begun! If we all be friends, we could have such good times! We just need to know that humans and monsters alike need to just be friends! Think about how much we would accomplish! Can't you understand that humans didn't know about us?

"You can't blame them for attacking us. They see us as something to fear. But if we see each other equally, no more wars would erupt. Can't you comprehend?" The humans and monsters looked at each other. "This is all a big misunderstanding!"

The humans murmered to each other, and Herobrine stared at Emerald, shocked. Murmers of agreement rose. The zombies scratched their heads, then nodded. The humans and monsters backed away from each other. The humans dropped their weapons and the skeletons dropped their bows.

Emerald clammered down the high peak. She looked around, seeing everyone apologize to each other and shaking hands.

"This will be the begining of a new era! A time! A begining of the bonds between the creeper and the miner!"

Chapter 13Edit

Butterflies danced in the air, and flowers bloomed everywhere. Because of Emerald, the war stopped and everyone became friends. Monsters went when and where they pleased, always greeted with warm welcomes by the humans.

Emerald, along with Iron and Sapphire, were strolling around when she ran into someone all too familiar.

"Rose!" It was her mother! She ran up to her, just barely taller than her. "I was so worried when you left! I'm so glad you're home!"

"My name is Emerald now," She corrected.

"You may have changed, but you will always be the beautiful flower I know as my own daughter. Welcome home."