Keana: The Burden of The Sword
Author NickFusi0n
Rating TV-13
Premiere February 2013
Seasons 2
Episodes 24

Keana: The Burden of The Sword (previously named Minecraft: The Burden of The Sword) is an upcoming story/series written by Nick.


Way back in the old days in Alpha... those were the 1.0.17_03 days, where people were leaving peacefully in harmony. War was not familiar to the minecraftians. There was an ancient kingdom known as Keana, and it was under the rule of a noble king. His name was King Rowan. He ruled Keana for more than 17 years, and was able to bring happiness to the kingdom. But one day... Things changed. A ruler named Emperor Borg started launching attacks on Keana. The kingdom was dying, Rowan tried everything in his power to protect the land, but Borg's army was too strong. Soon, the kingdom perished into nothingness, letting Borg claim himself the supreme ruler of Minecraftia since then. But it wasn't over... Some people believe that Rowan's legacy still lives on. That there's still hope to bring back the good old times of Minecraftia, and the hope, lies in a 17-year old boy. His name is Adam, son of king Rowan, and the one who can bring back peace, to Minecraftia.


Main CharactersEdit

Adam MechEdit

Son of King Rowan. He has grown up in the village of Harakot., not knowing the truth about his father and Borg. He is a good farmer and carpenter.

Kate HeartblazeEdit

She comes from the middle lands, east from Adam's home. She is well familiar with the story of Minecraftia and knows all about Rowan, and more importantly, Adam. She has traveled across the Westlands to find Adam. She is a good dagger fighter and has the unusual ability to sense when people are telling the truth. Or when they're lying.

Recurring CharactersEdit


The Elder of the village, and the only one who knows about Adam's past. She is very wise and decisive.


The Blacksmith and engineer of the village. He is about the same age as Maya, and is extremely skilled with redstone. He also manages the village defenses and is the builder of the Iron Golems of the village.



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