Mining speed

0.7 seconds (all blocks)

The Pickshovel is a mining tool available only in Capture the Flag. It was designed by one of the Co-Owners, Ancy and Nick, the founder.


The Pickshovel is automatically given to all players at the start of a CTF Game. It has infinite durability, and can mine out any block in 0.7 seconds, with the exception of Obsidian and Bedrock, which cannot be mined. If the Pickshovel is hacked into the player's inventory outside of CTF, it is useless and will not mine blocks, similar to Adventure Mode. Unlike all other tools, it only has one variation, instead of Wood, Gold, Diamond, etc. It has a mixed texture of an Iron Pickaxe and an Iron Shovel. It does not do damage to mobs, outside or in CTF Mode.

NOTE: The original HD Textures for the Iron Pickaxe and Shovel are made by Vattic on Minecraft forums.