Ermac as Ermac27

Toon as Cartoon44

Gav as SocietyofLightMasquerade

Tennant as Tennantfan

Brian as Brianultimatedragon

Featuring: GolemBro, and Discartes.

Introducing: Claw, a cat.


Brian and I are returning from a party at Gav's house. The cool breeze rushes past. It is a nice night. I see Brian shiver. Then, I shiver, too. I sense something, from a event last summer. I open the door to my house. Brian says" It's raining acid" I shiver again. I'm being watched. Acid rain occured last summer. I know, I hear the whails at night, but can it return?

The RainEdit

I wake up, as the light shines through my window. Ugh, I didn't sleep well last night. . A cat. A note is on the floor. I read it, and it says here is your cat. I decide to name it Claw. It starts to rain, and I look at the dark sky. It's acid rain. Oink. Oink. Oink. It's Brian and Discartes. Brian and Discartes enter, and I say" Want to practice swordplay?" He nods. I look at the window, and I know a purple gaze is watching me. Claw meows.