This is the first episode of the series, Fallen Kingdom.


We discover the secrets beneath the crust of the jewels that lay in the golden crown of the King.


The King is dueling with the prince, 2 feet below his famous grey-stone castle. He chuckles, and swings his diamond sword once more at the prince. The prince dodges, and gets out his iron sword. He hits him, but does not make damage.

<Prince>: I knew I hit you! How did you not get hurt?!

<King>: If you have the right armor....

The King peels back his jacket and reveals a diamond chestplate.

<Prince>: I've had enough of your tricks, Master. It's time I show what's up my sleeve.

<King>: Tricks? Never heard of 'em.

The King hits the Prince's iron helmet, then slams his sword in the iron chestplate.

<Prince>: I've heard you say you depend on your luck to win your battles, aye master?

<King>: Yes...


<King>: NO!!!

The prince swings at the crown. The crown falls off, and smashes onto the ground. The pearl in the middle cracks, and rolls out of it's place.

<King>: crown....

A tear strolls down the King's cheek, rushing to hide in the royal's beard. The prince looks up, then puts his sword away in the chest over in the left corner.

<Prince>: I didn't...I didn't mean...

<King>: It''s suitable. I'm just going to go...

The King walks away, with the pearl in the palm of his cube hand and the crown still on his square head. The King walks over to a mirror, and in his mind, a flasback occurs.

50 YEARS AGO.....

A mutated zombie was battling the King's father, King Zeron outside the King's soon to be castle which took place 50 years before the present.

<King Zeron>: Give it up, Zombie!

The Zombie groans as he aimlessly follows the past king.

<King Zeron>: Little talk for such a big man.

The King takes out his diamond sword, and hits the zombie twice on the head. He climbs up his back, and hits him on the head again with his own fists.